In 2015 I won the MIT Technology Review's "35 Innovators Under 35 Award" (aka TR35) as an inventor! It's a huge honor, and I'm extremely humbled. The TR35 spotlight didn't include any of my technical accomplishments, which formed the basis of my selection, so I suggest checking out my overarching vision for a better description. Very exciting! :)

Other mentions in the press: RoboHub, University of Nebraska, Computing Community Consortium, and LaboratoryEquipment.

As part of the TR35, I gave a 3-minute talk at MIT's Emerging Technology (EmTech) Conference: Making Baymax a Reality -OR- Personal Care Robots Enabled by the Internet of Things
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New RFID Technology Helps Robots Find Household Objects
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New RFID Technology Helps Robots Find Household Objects
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Travis Deyle Awarded MIT Technology Review's "35 Innovators Under 35" (TR35) Award


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